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Over 228,000 conversations this year, between a young person and their chaplain, will centre on family breakdown, parent separation, grief and loss, and mental health concerns, in Queensland schools. That’s every fourth child that speaks with your local chaplain.

One of these young people speaking to their chaplain about their concerns was Heidi.

Heidi was once in the midst of darkness.

She was struggling to deal with the separation of her parents and what this would mean to her life. This caused her to become reclusive and isolate herself from her friends and family.

“I was really upset, especially when my dad moved out. Him leaving was really hard for me. He was part of the family. Not seeing him every morning to say goodbye was hard,” says Heidi.

...but I'm the only kid who doesn't have a mum and a dad in the same house

School was not a safe haven but a reminder of the struggles her family was facing at home. Heidi felt like she was the only one going through this painful experience.

“Heidi’s dad left us and we were just in shock. Absolutely in shock. Devastated. Lost everything. We had to completely rebuild from scratch,” recalls Heidi’s mum, Deb.

“There were a few times when Heidi said, ‘…but I’m the only kid who doesn’t have a mum and a dad in the same house’.”

The one shining light in this darkness of anxiety and fear was her chaplain, Andrea.

“Luckily, Andrea was there. She made the world of difference. We had someone to see every day because we had all sorts of problems when it first happened. She was the right person at the right time.”

“Andrea was our first port of call. She was wonderful. She was so supportive. Heidi and I both had lots of tears and tissues with Andrea. She’s as good for the big people as she is for the small people, supporting parents.”

Chappy Andrea was a 'shining light' for Heidi and her mum, Deb.

Your help and support for chaplains, like Andrea, enables them to journey with children, like Heidi, through this devastating pain.

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