Thousands of young people experience struggles that are beyond their control - abuse, bullying, neglect… the list goes on.

And that's what SU QLD's at-risk programs are all about – equipping young people to deal with difficult circumstances.

Our programs – Connect (12 months) and Limitless (6 months) – take young people out of their everyday school environment, and into the great outdoors. They learn vital life skills through weekly activities and regular adventure camps.

As they push their limits, they learn to work as a team, communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and take responsibility for themselves and their peers

They realise they're not a victim of their circumstance – they can be victorious!

Last year, only 204 young people participated in Connect or Limitless. We're capped at that number. Hopefully you can help!

I'm asking you, today, to please give so these young people have hope for a better future. You can offer them a second chance.

Your gift by the 30th June 2015, will help cover the cost of running Connect and Limitless for one year. It will:

  • Cover the wages of 8 at-risk staff
  • Buy equipment – like tents, kayaks and lifejackets - for the 72 camps a year
  • Cover insurance and the other legalities of the program
  • Cover costs for training co-leaders, like Zac
  • Allow for expanded programs to support more youth

Thank you for making a life-changing gift today!

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Goal: $650,000.00