You can bring hope into these seemingly hopeless conditions

Small towns are feeling the strain. Cattle properties are barely coping with the drought. Some are left with no alternative but to take out loans to buy stock feed. Children and young people are watching their parents lose almost everything.

The challenges facing communities in Queensland’s west are very urgent and very real.

But you can support these families today by giving to the Mobile Outback Chaplaincy Service. It allows ‘mobile chaplains’ to travel to remote and rural communities that would otherwise get very little support.

These chaplains will run resilience programs, help in classrooms and show these communities that people care.

Given: $129,602.92
Goal: $150,000.00

Your gift, by 28th February, will help put two mobile chaplains on the road by:

  • covering recruitment costs of finding suitable mobile chaplains;
  • topping up the wages for two mobile chaplains;
  • covering the costs of living on the road for the year, including any accommodation;
  • covering the costs of acquiring a caravan for the mobile chaplains to use, plus any other vehicle expenses;
  • training those chaplains for rural conditions; and
  • covering any other costs associated with the service, like buying materials for in-school programs.

Thank you for making a life-changing gift today!